JA - About Us

JA ASSURE is a Multinational Niche Market InsurTech firm.

Determined to change the insurance experience for our clients, we have achieved a couple of "World's Firsts".

We offer the world's first Online Calculator for insurance premiums servicing niche industries such as jewellers, diamond dealers, money services businesses, pawnshops, remittance firms and luxury goods retailers.

We are the world's first InsurTech firm that facilitates healthcare professionals to secure their Medical Malpractice Insurance through an easy-to-use online portal that calculates the premium and processes the transaction seamlessly in minutes. This model has been well-received in Malaysia where it has currently been launched.

Alongside these industry-leading efforts, JA ASSURE also works closely with High Net-Worth individuals to protect their Personal Valuables, Powerful Bikes, Luxury Cars and Yachts, in addition to strategic planning against Kidnap & Ransom.

Our cutting-edge risk management solutions are developed in partnership with two of the world's leading insurers, Liberty and CHUBB.

JA ASSURE began its journey in supporting niche industries 20 years ago in Singapore, and now provides risk management solutions for a significant number of businesses in specific niche industries across Malaysia and Hong Kong.

JA Bike

We are truly inspired by riders who set out on soul-searching trips across the region. Being one of them, we wanted to give Extreme insurance value in terms of pricing and protection that a true rider would need at all times

This online platform caters specially for seasoned riders with high-end bikes (above 600cc) and selected models for a start.

We have managed to cut away all fats from the proposition and only factor in what truly matters; Full Thailand extension and Global Personal Accident coverage that pay for daily hospital income. To top it up, we have managed to cater for travel insurance benefits that are extremely critical when the rider is out of the local borders.

This value proposition is inspired by real claims experience that a typical Rider needs to support himself and his family in the worst-case scenario. We did not set out to be the cheapest but wanted to protect a fellow biker on the most critical requirements so that he can enjoy the breeze during the ride with a true peace of mind.

Knowing that the worst is taken care, the Rider just needs to focus on the Road Ahead; Create Great Memories.

Live in Peace.

JA Specialty

JA makes a huge difference to the client with our ability to customize solution that is most suitable to the changing needs and times. This is made possible because of our constant communication with industry leaders and business owners.

The JA team is empowered by our very own Technologists, Business Risk and Business Intelligence specialists. Together, we keep reinventing ourselves with the only goal of serving our clients better.

With plethora of industry knowledge, it allows us to underwrite the risks in the most apt manner, striking the perfect balance between the appetite of the insurers and protection needs of the business owners.

We continuously strive to understand our clients better.